Galleria Alter Ego

Arte Contemporanea

Anneke van de Zvaag

Anneke van der Zwaag was born in the Netherlands in 1969 and moved to Switzerland in 1992, where she now lives near Lugano in the canton of Ticino. Already at a young age she loved to draw, paint and decorate. Since 2009 she is dedicating more time and space to expressing her creativity in painting contemporary art.


She is a self-taught artist who finds great satisfaction and harmony in painting, and is grateful for the enrichment it brings to her life.  Her art works are the result of the combined use of skill, emotion and fantasy to create aesthetic objects to share with others. Painting on both canvas and wood, using mixed techniques and mainly acrylic paints, she let’s her current state of mind and inspiration define the choice of colours, material and technique for her next artwork.


Her portfolio exists mainly of inspirational horizons, demonstrating a skilful play of light and depth in a wide range of vibrant colours, seducing the viewer into her interpretation of a serene world of quiet, peace and harmony. Mesmerising fantasy landscapes that invite to moments of daydreaming, relaxation and a welcome break from the too often hectic, long and demanding days.


In 2012 she started participating in artistic events and exhibiting her art works, and has been awarded several prizes and recognitions for her work. In 2013 she became a member of the Ticino painters and sculptors association (APST Associazione Pittori e Scultori Ticinesi).